All children deserve love, care and a chance to achieve their God-given potential whatever that may be. This is even more so important for those children who are special in their own way.

As one of its core Grant Programmes, the Mustique Charitable Trust provides funding at five (5) Children’s Homes and Special Needs Schools who are established and reputed for their competent administration and care for the children. These are annual recurring grants which are renewed each year.

Our funding contributes to school fees, counselling, physiotherapy, music lessons, groceries, toiletries, breakfast & lunch and stipends.

It is always heart-warming to visit these homes and schools. The innocence and joy reflected on the children’s faces and the numerous welcoming hugs are apparent displays of the true love and care provided to them.

Administrators and staff must be applauded, their daily routines, though challenging, are performed with love and care. These caretakers mean the world to these children. As a society, we should be grateful that these “heroes” stepped up to love these special children and give them the opportunities to experience various activities as any child would.

Over 75 children overall benefit from our five (5) Children’s Homes and Special Needs Schools Programmes for a total cost of US$36,000 per year.

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