Good 360 sent a 40’ container of relief supplies sourced from the following companies:

Blankets from Delta Airlines, Goggles & Hand Sanitisers from Grainger, Assorted Wipes from Nice-Pak, Vinyl Synthetic Gloves from Storebound, Hygiene Kits from GAF, Bombas Socks from Soles 4 Souls, Reusable Bags from Wal-Mart Stores, Toys from Toys for Tots Foundation and Plush Mickey Mouse from Walt Disney Park & Resorts

We packaged a mix of items in the beautiful blue shopping bags donated by Wal-Mart and distributed 3,377 Adult Care Packages, 1,458 Mickey Mouse Packages, 383 Tiny Pong Packages, 144 Sling Shock Packages, 107 miscellaneous toys packages and 3,995 batteries. The kids and teenagers were ecstatic to receive the toy and game packages

720 boxes of Vinyl Synthetic Gloves received from Storebound were distributed to clinics, police stations, food providers and farmers in the Red and Orange Zones.

Mickey Mouse Package
Mickey Mouse Package

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