In 2020, the Mustique Charitable Trust provided additional assistance to the home in way of furniture, online home schooling, inflatable pools and new pots for the kitchen. This was all done to increase the comfort and care for the children at the home.

Two (2) dining sets with seating for 18 persons and a toddler dining set with seating for six (6) children were provided. This now enables the children to be comfortably seated together for their meals and they can enjoy dining together for those special occassions like Christmas, Easter and birthdays. Some new pots were also keenly welcomed by the kitchen staff who are passionate about preparing tasty and nutritious meals for the children.

Classroom furniture was provided in way of 2 large study tables and 10 chairs, cupboards for books and learning resources and two (2) mounted blackboards. In addition to this, MCT funded a desktop computer system with the ABC Mouse online learning programme. This now enables the in-house staff teacher to have classroom setting for the home schooling of the eight (8) children who are unable to attend public schools. Uniforms were provided for the children and each day they are excited to have the opportunity to get dressed and attend home school classes just like the other kids.

The Trust also funded three (3) inflatable swimming pools which are a favorite of the children especially the physically challenged. Previously the home used a small open water barrel which accomodated one child at a time. These three (3) pools now provide spacing for all the kids to enjoy pool time together. The bonus is that the pools are not only used for playtime but are also used by the Certified Physiotherapist in his hydrotherapy sessions.

The Mustique Charitable Trust also continues to fund its Annual Grant which covers monthly groceries & toiletries, staff stipends, counselling and physiotherapy. We are elated that Sister Nyra was able to engage the services of a certified Counsellor and a certified Physiotherapist in November 2020. Sister Nyra has reported that both professionals are having positive results with the children.

These children are each unique in their own special way and The Mustique Charitable Trust is honored to contribute to making their lives more meaningful, comfortable and enjoyable

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