3,774 Students & 256 Teachers from 65 Primary Schools and 5 Special Needs Schools received core Textbooks and Workbooks from the Mustique Charitable Trust in response to COVID-19

August – October 2020

In a mainly tourism-oriented country, COVID-19 had a significant financial impact across most sectors in St Vincent & the Grenadines. Added to this issue, a major drought period occurred a few months earlier in the year with reported cases of farmers losing their entire crops. As a result, many parents and guardians lost their regular or expected cash flow designated for their children’s educational expenses. The strain was more so for the low income, poverty-stricken bracket of our society who were struggling to purchase even the required schoolbooks.

In light of this, the Mustique Charitable Trust took the initiative to undertake a major project to supply the Textbooks and Workbooks to Primary School students. The books were provided as a set, which consisted of the Textbooks and Workbooks for Mathematics, English Language and Health & Family Life Education.

Mustique Charitable Trust book programme

The selection process, carried out by a committee from each school, identified the “most in need” students from Grade K to Grade 6, who came from disadvantaged families affected by lost jobs or reduced income due to COVID-19 especially farmers, fishermen, street vendors and those in tourism.

The books were procured through a major local bookstore and a team of 12 unemployed young technical institute/college graduates were engaged to assist with the distribution of the books. This group really impressed with their professionalism and customer service. Parents were treated with dignity and respect and directed in an orderly manner regarding collection of their books. Disposable masks and hand sanitisers were provided on entry and social distancing protocol were observed. All parents/guardians provided identification and signed the student distribution list upon receipt of their books.

This project ensured that the selected “most in need” students were entering the school year with their required core books. Books were also provided to teachers as much needed Teachers Resources. At the end of the project, 3,774 students, 30% of the Primary School population, and 256 Primary School Teachers received full sets of books, with 18,424 books being distributed across 65 Primary Schools and 5 Special Needs Schools.It is hoped that the Principal and staff will retrieve the textbooks at the end of the school year to sustain an internal book Programme.

Although a challenging project requiring tremendous time and effort, the successful execution, monitoring and control of this project impacted the lives of thousands of less fortunate children who were provided with the necessary resources for an equal opportunity at a successful education.

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Mustique Charitable Trust book programme

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