RVA Summer Camp 2019

For the fourth year, UK Friends of the Mustique Charitable Trust funded an Environmental, Climate Change & Biodiversity Education Summer Camp, which took place over a two-week period with camp members arriving at the Richmond Vale Academy on Sunday 21st July, 2019 and departing on Sunday 3rd August, 2019.

Theoretical and practical training on creating a sustainable backyard garden was added to the programme this year. The teenagers were educated on growing their own healthy organic foods and maintaining healthy diets. They visited various environments in St. Vincent and educated on the importance of protecting and conserving these environments.

RVA Summer Camp 2019

Graduation Ceremony took place on Saturday 3rd August, 2019 and diplomas for completed studies and planting action were presented to the fourteen (14) participants. Several of the participants expressed that it was a very interesting and learning experience and some participants even wanted to stay longer.

Environmental Summer Program with MCT for Youths!

Richmond Vale Academy

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