The rural village of Fancy on the north east coast of St Vincent is a very tight knit community. January 12th 2015 started like any normal school day for twenty one secondary students leaving their homes early in the morning to attend secondary schools in the windward area. Not long after leaving Fancy the school van had a tragic accident tumbling off the road onto the rocks below and into the rough seas. Despite the efforts of many in the community to save as many as possible, eight students died, two were unaccounted for and twelve were injured.

Fancy tragedy, January 2015
Fancy tragedy, January 2015

The Trusts responded by providing immediate help to the distressed families and new school supplies for the survivors of the accident. A donation of ECD 100,000 was made to the Government of SVG to assist with the purchase of a new school bus. It was a happy day for the Fancy community when the new bus arrived at the village on March 19th 2015. The launch of the new school bus was attended by the Prime Minster, MCT Trustees and many happy villagers.

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