Distribution Team setting up in Spring Village
Distribution Team setting up in Spring Village

VERF Phase One began immediately after the initial eruptions and focused on the urgent needs of those displaced and on emergency relief assistance. Food, water, bedding, sanitation and educational supplies were all identified as the primary needs. Assistance was provided in the form grocery boxes, bottled water, clothing, toiletries and cots/mattresses. Mustique also provided 75 personnel to assist with the management, collection and distribution of relief supplies, eight trucks for deliveries around the Yellow and Green Zones and 150,000 gallons of desalinated water from our plant on Mustique. The main implementation of Phase One occurred over the first five (5) weeks after the first eruption and the Grocery Boxes and Water Project is now complete. It is reported that roughly 5,000 persons benefitted from this initiative. Total expenditure for VERF Phase One is US$621,450, which was funded in full by the Mustique Charitable Foundation thanks to donations from you.

5,000 displaced persons in private homes and public evacuation shelters assisted with groceries, water and immediate supplies
6,010 villagers in 18 villages in the Red and Orange zones receive relief supplies being delivered directly to villagers by the Mustique VERF delivery team

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