Many underprivileged children arrive at school with no “lunch money”. This has serious impact on attendance, academic performance and behaviour. Several schools asked the Trusts to assist students facing this challenge. In 2014 seven schools received grants to pay for groceries, kitchen equipment, lunch tables and chairs. Fresh fruit and vegetables are sourced from the local farming community wherever possible. Already there is better attendance, behaviour and academic performance among the students in the MCT’s funded lunch programme. More schools will be joining this programme.

In order to ensure that school menus provide nutritional meals the Trusts made a grant available to the Food and Nutrition Unit in the Ministry of Health. This made it possible for teachers and food handlers to be trained in line with the national dietary guidelines for Vincentian school children. Educational literature promoting healthy lifestyles has also been printed and distributed to families and children. Training has been attended by 123 kitchen staff and food venders who developed nutritious menus for use in the school where they work. More than 75% of the primary school children in the country are on the Government run school meal programme. Through this project we are reaching 9,000 school children.

Schools Assisted by MCT Lunch Programme:

  • Adelphi secondary School
  • Buccament Bay Secondary School
  • Langely Park Government School
  • Owia Government School
  • Sandy Bay Secondary School

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