The Mustique Charitable Trust (MCT) collaborated with the Richmond Vale Academy (RVA) to provide a Grant for the Pass-It-On Model Gardens project. The project commenced in October 2019 and involved ten (10) families, from the rural village of Fancy, being trained and assisted in creating their own sustainable model gardens right in their backyard.

Pass-It-On Model Gardens in Fancy

MCT funded this project to enable rural families to cultivate their own back yard home gardens to have an available source of fresh produce to feed themselves. These gardens can also be an income-generating venture where the surplus fruits and vegetables can be sold with some of the income invested back into the upkeep and sustainability of the gardens.

Pass-It-On Model Gardens in Fancy

This project included the added benefit of vulnerable households incorporating climate smart practices and the use of sustainable chemical free agricultural practices that helps with protecting the environment.

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