A special fund has been set up to assist the seven children aged between two to 17 years old who lost a parent in the boat tragedy in June involving six employees from Mustique. The Mustique Children in Need Fund (MCINF), managed by the Mustique Charitable Trust, will provide some of the long term education and welfare needs. The fund will be administered by Lavinia, the Administration Director with the approval of the MCT Trustees on a case by case basis.

This tragedy struck to the very core of Mustique as five of the victims worked in the villas and one for a construction company on the island. While there has been sadness and despair there has been a show of strength and solidarity by the whole community.

Any homeowner or friend of Mustique may contribute to this fund by making a donation to MCINF. Contact Lavinia at admin@mustiquecharitabletrust.com to make a donation. We thank the homeowners who have already made generous donations. These will make a meaningful difference to the lives of the children affected by this tragedy.

The fund takes care of groceries, transportation, welfare and school supplies for these children. Adding to this, each year at Christmas the Trust gives gifts to each child to ensure that they feel a part of a family.

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