In 2010, the Mustique Charitable Trust (MCT) initiated its Bursary Award Programme at the University of the West Indies Open Campus (St. Vincent). Since its inception, 3-4 Bursaries are awarded each year to community-oriented candidates in need of financial assistance. The Bursary provides each awardee with 60% of the Academic Fees and a Laptop. The total cost covered by the Bursary averages at US$8,000 per awardee.

The Programme’s success is reflected by the 28 graduated awardees who have received 15 First Class Degrees, 6 Upper Second Degree, 6 Lower Second Degrees and 1 Certificate. Many of these graduates are now giving back to the society through their careers in teaching, counselling and social work. In addition, there are 15 Awardees currently pursuing their studies which speaks of the sustainability of this Programme.

This successful longstanding programme operates on the basis that the Mustique Charitable Trust provides the funding while the UWI Global Campus (St Vincent) undertakes the administration of the programme. Bursaries are awarded annually for the academic year that begins August/September and potential applicants should be Undergraduate Students beginning the first year of their programme. All interested students are advised to contact the UWI Global Campus (St Vincent) Administration Office at 784-456-1183 for all queries regarding programme information, application forms, submissions process and deadline date.

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