The Trusts continue to work to improve literacy levels.  Many children, like eight year old Kenicia, struggled to read and were unable to make progress with their class work. Grants to schools like the Cane End Government School which Kenicia attends help improve literacy levels.  An MCT grant to Lauders Primary School is expected to reverse the current trend of poor reading ability throughout the school.

Literacy Project

We hope that the children in the school will report back like Kenicia,

“I love to read now and I am among the best readers in my class”.

MCT - Biabou Primary Library
Literacy Project

The Trusts also helped St Martin’s Secondary School to refurbish its school library and purchase two hundred books. A grant was also approved for Hands Across the Sea to increase the number of library books in three rural schools. These books are carefully selected with the young Caribbean reader in mind.

Literacy Project

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