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The Mustique Charitable Trusts will improve the opportunities for children, young people and vulnerable adults while supporting the development of sustainable local communities throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines.





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The Mustique Company

title-logoAbout The Mustique Charitable Trust


The Mustique Charitable Trust (MCT) and the UK Friends of the Mustique Charitable Trust (UK Friends of the MCT) were established in 2008. The Trusts are wholly independent but share the same mission: to improve the opportunities of children, young people and vulnerable adults while supporting the development of sustainable local communities throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines. The Trusts aim to coordinate and enhance the charitable giving of the Mustique community.

The Trusts’ modest administrative costs are sponsored by the Mustique Company Limited. Any charity wishing to receive funds must pass rigorous due diligence.


Mustique Charitable Trust UK Friends of the Mustique Charitable Trust
Roger Pritchard (Chairman)
Dora Della Gherardesca
Georgia Fanshawe
Colin Fenn
Karis Jagger
Valerie Jungels-Winkler (Chairman)
Asli Arah
Andrew Rodger
Isabelle Winkler
David Ross
Administration Director: Dularie Malcolm
Administrative Assistant: Natalia Gill

Donations are spent effectively to deliver help directly where it is most needed. Our ambition is to sustain a level of fundraising that will enable the Trusts to offer on-going support to the following grant areas:

♦ Victims of physical abuse and incest
♦ Disabled and disadvantaged


♦ Capital endowments
♦ Relief of childhood poverty
♦ Disaster relief

e-icon-blue EDUCATION
♦ Pre-school, primary and secondary school support
♦ Adult vocational education – scholarships
♦ Non-structured learning (after school clubs etc)

m-icon-blue HEALTH
♦ Screening programmes

Since their foundation the Trusts have assisted over 52 projects. Our disaster relief programmes provided new homes, helped with house repairs, agricultural assistance to farmers, water and food distribution, hospital equipment and clothing for those in need. Over 3,500 persons have used the MCT free diabetes and hypertension testing service. The Trust has helped over 3,000 children increase reading skills as well as provide counselling and therapy sessions for young people facing a variety of challenges.


Among the many projects funded the Trusts ensure that 400 needy school children receive a nutritious hot lunch. For more details about our activities, see our Projects Supported Page.

The work of the Trusts is vital and has already made a real impact in a country that really needs our on-going committed involvement. We cannot stress enough how important this work is and very much hope you will give generously.

If you would like to receive more information or to give a donation to the Mustique Charitable Trust, please contact:


The Administration Director
The Mustique Charitable Trust
c/o the Mustique Company Ltd.
PO Box 349, VC0100
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
West Indies

Telephone: + 1 784 450 4359

Website: www.mustiquecharitabletrust.com

E-mail: admin@mustiquecharitabletrust.com