This was the sixth (6th) year of collaboration between the UK Friends of the Mustique Charitable Trust (UKFMCT) and Richmond Vale Academy (RVA). This programme was delayed from 2021 due to the severe impact on RVA facilities from the volcanic eruptions in April 2021.

14 Young Vincentians were selected for the fourteen-day workshop, where they were educated on the impact of climate change, environmental protection, organic gardening, lifestyle diseases. and local herbs.

The workshop included in-classroom theoretical training and practical hands on training at the RVA Climate Centre and Sustainable Farm along with major environmental site visits such as Jackhill Copeland Heritage Trail, Vermont Nature Trail, Botanical Gardens and Fort Charlotte.

The new area of focus in this year’s programme was “Lifestyle Diseases and Local Herbs and their benefits to the immune system”. This focus area was considered important after what the world experienced during COVID-19.

Participants also learnt how to design and create their own organic garden and were assigned in groups to understand teamwork.

At the end of the workshop, participants had a better understanding on how to maintain their health using herbs, which they can grow themselves in their backyard.

At the graduation ceremony, there were tears, as participants expressed their gratitude for the opportunity and the bonds that were formed during the two-week summer camp.

This summer programme afforded 14 young Vincentians accommodation, meals, knowledge and lifelong memories of camaraderie for a total cost of US$16,753

14 Young Vincentians trained on Climate Change, Environment, Organic Gardening, Lifestyle Diseases and Local Herbs

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RVA 2023 Summer Youth Programme-1
RVA 2023 Summer Youth Programme-1

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