In December 2022, the Mustique Charitable Trust (MCT) funded the upgrade of the Online Home Schooling System to replace the previous system funded in March 2020.

The previous computer system made a great difference at the Home especially during the subsequent COVID-19 period, it was used for online classes and online referral meetings with WPP doctors. Aside from this, the system was used mainly for at-home schooling for those children who are incapacitated and unable to attend public school, homework research, viewing movies and watching online church sermons.

The after school use of the computer and ABC Mouse programme was beneficial to two (2) students who passed their CPEA exam for secondary school. In addition, one of the boys who was 9 years at the time and unable to attend school due to health reasons, benefitted from the home schooling with the ABC Mouse programme. He was accepted to start school for the first time in September 2022 at the age of 12.

St. Benedict Day Nursery & Children’s Home Online Home Schooling System Upgrade
St. Benedict Day Nursery & Children’s Home Online Home Schooling System Upgrade

With the many uses and benefits of the home schooling system, the upgrade included a new computer, two additional larger monitors, high quality speakers, the ABC Mouse programme (ages 2-8) and the Adventure Academy programme (ages 8-13) which now benefits the children as they get older. The upgrade also ensured proper installation of internet cabling for reliable internet connection for the online schooling. The new system was ready for use at the end of January 2023.

The Mustique Charitable Trust was pleased to upgrade the Online Home Schooling System at St. Benedict Day Nursery & Children’s Home, which gives the children the opportunity to learn and explore new ideas.

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