“Two (2) months after starting our distribution in the Red and Orange Zones, the Mustique VERF Distribution Team is still going strong and with anticipated relief supplies still coming in, we are dedicated to distributing these supplies directly to those most in need. It has been fulfilling and well worth the effort when our Distribution Team goes into the villages and see first-hand the gratitude of the villagers who feel valued that Mustique is coming directly to them to provide their supplies. Most distribution days, we are reaching 150-250 villagers and Mustique VERF distribution continues to be implemented in a fair, objective and orderly manner and focuses on the most in need, the indigent and the disadvantaged with no discrimination. We have gone to all lengths to get to these people. We have been to villages where the villagers have thanked us profusely saying “God Bless Mustique because everyone else has overlooked us”.

– Dularie Malcolm, MCT Administration Director:

In the past two months, we delivered supplies to 6,010 people and reached 18 villages in the Red and Orange Zones, which are still affected by the ash.

Below is a summary of what has been distributed:

Camping Cot
Camping Cot
Women's Clothing
Clothing donated by Tommy Hilfiger

1,372 Camp Mattresses distributed.

2,016 Camping Cots distributed.

1,200 Student Educational Packages to children between 2-12 years old.
180 Educational Game Packs to teenagers 13-17 years old.
23 School Stationary Packs to 11 Secondary Schools and 12 Primary Schools.

4,521 bags of toiletries distributed with just over 500 bags remaining. We have also provided bags of toiletries to road workers, utility workers and police officers in the Red and Orange Zones.

Boots UK has donated 4 pallets of Hand Wash and Sanitisers which is hopefully scheduled to ship in the first half of August 2021. Once received, the Mustique VERF Distribution team will deliver supplies to 30-35 Health Clinics throughout St Vincent.

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