Mustique VERF is currently collaborating with the Roads, Building & General Services Authority (BRAGSA), to construct Shower Facilities with Wash Sink and Water Tank Storage Platform at 12 Schools that are used as evacuation centres. The schools were selected due to their large evacuee capacity and also their large student population that mostly come from low income homes.

The intention is to provide the facilities for the convenience of evacuees and also for the students upon their return to schools. On Tuesday 27th July 2021, MCTs Administration Director visited the sites of five (5) of the 12 Shower Facilities currently under construction. In spite of delays caused by weather and supply of materials, construction of the facilities have progressed well. A bonus of this project is that each site employs a team of 3-4 men who are grateful for the opportunity to work on the project. These first five sites are scheduled to be completed in the next 1-2 weeks. The following 7 sites are due to be completed in the next four months.

CW Prescod Primary School
CW Prescod Primary School

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