The Re-Opening Ceremony of the refurbished library of the North Union Secondary School took place on Tuesday 17th March 2020. The Mustique Charitable Trust (MCT) provided a Grant to assist with the library’s refurbishment, which included locally made wooden chairs, a Jolly Phonics Kit, standing fans, curtains, a clock and a wall mural.

The ceremony also included twelve students trained as Librarians proudly receiving badges and a poem done by one of the student librarians, the performance was very indicative of the very talented and innovative students that are at the school and it served as reassurance that access to the new library will only take these students to greater achievements.

During their remarks, Mr. Ramsamooj (Vice Principal-North Union Secondary School), Mrs. Enna Bullock (Hands across the Sea Literacy Link) and the Head of the Literacy Department at the school, all conveyed their gratitude for the contribution made by the MCT. It was especially requested that their gratitude by conveyed to the Trustees.

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