Mustique Craft Fair 2019
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Since 2016, UK Friends of the Mustique Charitable Trust has been funding the Mustique Craft Fairs which takes place at Easter and summertime. The Craft Fairs afford the local street vendors, artisans and entrepreneurs of St. Vincent & the Grenadines the opportunity to display their crafts and goods to Homeowners, Guests and locals on Mustique.

Like all other years, 2019 Calendar included the Easter and Summer Craft Fairs. However, the Summer 2019 Craft Fair drew the crowd and for good reasons. Cotton House was gracious enough to accommodate the Summer Craft Fair which took place for the first time on the lawn in front its Beach Bar. The numerous white tents arranged on the crisp green lawn drew much attention. Vendors arrived early to set up their displays and by mid-morning, the Craft Fair was in full swing.

Mustique Craft Fair 2019
Mustique Craft Fair 2019

The Summer Craft Fair hosted 41 vendors, artisans and entrepreneurs who offered a wide range of goods including handmade soaps & body creams, local fruit wines, air-dried fruits & vegetables, leather slippers & sandals, recycled jewellery, vetiver grass products, bamboo products and much more.

A few young artistes performed at a mini concert held at mid-afternoon, which provided entertainment for shoppers as they peruse the goods offered at the Craft Fair.

The Craft Fair was abuzz with shoppers, many of whom gave positive feedback regarding the new location and layout on the Cotton House lawn. Vendors were also pleased with the new layout and location and most indicated that they received good patronage from the shoppers.

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