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Biabou Methodist School Library – Re-Opening Ceremony

MCT - Biabou Primary Library-5504

The Re-opening Ceremony of the refurbished library of the Biabou Methodist School took place on Thursday 31st January, 2019. The Mustique Charitable Trust (MCT) was one of the donors who assisted with the library refurbishment. MCT’s donation was used to obtain chairs, bookshelves, paint, rug, fans and resource materials.

MCT - Biabou Primary Library-5657

MCT - Biabou Primary Library-5700

Remarks were made by Mrs. Rouna Burke (Principal), Mrs. Pompey (Hands across the Seas Link) and Mrs. Michael (Ministry of Education Representative) who all thanked MCT for their assistance in making the refurbished library a reality. Lavinia Gunn (former Administration Director of MCT) who spearheaded this project along with Mrs. Burke, was specially invited to attend the ceremony and gave heartfelt remarks. It was apparent this was a collaboration from the heart for all involved, the school, MCT, Hands Across the Seas, Staff, Church, Community Members and PeaceCorp employee.

MCT - Biabou Primary Library-5134

Nine student Librarians were previously trained and proudly received their certificates at the ceremony. The ceremony also showcased a poem by Grade 5 students and an entertaining monologue skit performed by Faith Charles. Her performance was so outstanding that the audience demanded an encore performance which she obliged without missing a beat.

MCT - Biabou Primary Library-5232-wide

The refurbished library now displayed a very child friendly theme and inviting atmosphere. The eager faces of the students and staff was a reflection of the anxious anticipation and was also apparent by the students who pleaded with Mrs. Burke to start using the Library at the opening.

MCT - Biabou Primary Library-5720

Although some of these children may never leave the shores of their homeland, the newly refurbished and fully stocked library will give them an opportunity to travel the entire world through books and reading.

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MCT - Biabou Primary Library-5764