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Mustique Charitable Trusts Support the Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra for disadvantaged youth programme

Sion Hill Steel Pan-4083

“More than just learning to play steel pan…”

Sion Hill Steel Pan-3923

On completion of a six weeks steel pan development programme held by the Sion Hill Steel Pan Orchestra in July – August 2018, 39 junior and 18 adult steel pan players successfully graduated.

Sion Hill Steel Pan-3891

At the Graduation Ceremony, it was noted that the programme not only focused on developing steel pan techniques but also in positively shaping the minds of youth in the area, enabling them to realise their true potential, hone skills and dream of real possibilities beyond their present circumstances.

Sion Hill Steel Pan-3811

Participants enthusiastically embraced the training and demonstrated their newly acquired skills at the graduation ceremony.  One young player who joined MCTs sponsored programme in 2014 and has been a faithful participant ever since “wowed” the crowd with his solo performance.  

Sion Hill Steel Pan-3918

The MCTs are pleased to continue sponsorship of this programme which promotes positive values and provides a venue to keep the youth away from crime and violence.  Our visit to one of the training sessions was a lively and exhilarating experience.  

Sion Hill Steel Pan-4163