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Craft Fair, March 2018

            MCT - Craft Fair - General Scenes-1996

On March 28th 2018 the MCTs not for profit craft fair was attended by 33 craft vendors.  These included 10 new vendors who had not participated before.  There were a vast array of craft items on display to tempt buyers of all ages.  From the smiles on everyone’s faces it was a great day for all.   The variety and high quality of work by the artisans was outstanding.   The vendors thanked MCTs for its support as the fairs in Mustique contribute significantly to their income.  Feedback from the buyers is much appreciated as it encouraged further creativity and attention to detail to produce quality work and packaging.

The next craft fair on July 19th 2018 promises to be better than ever as the MCTs celebrates its tenth anniversary.  We look forward to seeing you there.  

MCT - Craft Fair - General Scenes-1943

MCT - Craft Fair - Artist Portraits-2523

 MCT - Craft Fair - Artist Portraits-2446

MCT - Craft Fair - Artist Portraits-2308

MCT - Craft Fair - Artist Portraits-2211

MCT - Craft Fair - Artist Portraits-1618

MCT - Craft Fair - Detail Shots-2585

MCT - Craft Fair - Detail Shots-2638

MCT - Craft Fair - Detail Shots-2648

MCT - Craft Fair - Detail Shots-2695