Our Lady of Guadalupe Home

Most of the girls at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Home residential home have been victims of domestic abuse. The Trusts funded counselling sessions that are helping them move forward in their lives in a positive way and put a troubled past behind them. Jescina says that,

“Counseling has helped me in many different ways such as: being honest, patient, sincere, and courageous, loving and being a compassionate young lady. I have learnt to be more respectful, obedient and hard-working. From these sessions I also learnt to accept who I am and that I must learn to overcome my weakness and never let people bring me down. I will and am trying to put what I learnt into practice. From all of this counselling I want to become a counsellor to help other young ladies around the world and in my country. I will also like to help the less fortunate ones.”