Hurricane Thomas damage

In times of natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods the Trusts extend a helping hand to those involved so that persons can return to normal, productive lives as quickly as possible. Thanks to generous donors to our disaster relief fund, response can be rapid and reach those in need immediately. Working closely with the Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines, The National Emergency Management Organisation and The SVG Red Cross, essential supplies such as water, food and clothing are delivered to disaster shelters and those communities and persons in need of assistance.

Hurricane Thomas relief and aid

Medium and long term needs are assessed and projects are developed to assist in areas such as house repairs and in some cases a contribution is made towards the building of new homes. Farmers were assisted after Hurricane Thomas in 2011 with seedlings to grow market vegetables as quick cash crops until banana fields and other crops could be re-established. The Trusts also repaired 72 homes, and built seven new homes to replace those lost in the huuricane.

Hurricane Thomas relief and aid

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