St. Benedict’s Children’s Home


After substantial damage caused by Hurricane Tomas in October 2010 to the main building at the Home, the MCT funded its total refurbishment. The Home provides residential care for six severely challenged orphans aged 2 to 21 years old. The Trust also provides counselling and therapy support for these young persons who have been institutionalised since childhood. A financial contribution towards monthly groceries is also provided.


The Home has been supported by the MCT since the Grant Programme got underway in July 2009. Areas of assistance have included musical instruments, clothing and kitchen utensils. Counselling and physiotherapy is on going with small triumphs such as Shanique with cerebal palsey moving her little fingers and Kevin with autism showing improvements in concentration. Two teenagers have been adopted and the Trust provided counselling for this transition to family life. Another young teenager was moved to a Home for Boys where he is making good progress. Sister Nyra Anne, the Administrator, is sincerely grateful for the support of the Trust.




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